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Sick of the people who run the parties lying to you and padding their pockets while eroding our Constitution? Sick of the failed governments in Europe and Asia being the very kind of government the special people want in our country? Join, and see what happens... RSS Feed what is XML?

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No news that affects our freedom in 2015?!  topic
Who is smarter (or stupider), liberals or conse...  topic
Dumbest Republitard on the internet-THREAD:  topic
Think we made it past the 12/21/12 MAYAN APOCAL...  topic
Does anyone know......  topic
Michelle LIED through her teeth.  topic
Anthropogenic Global Warming is real, and here ...  topic
Clint Eastwood (82) is a funny old dude, and Hi...  topic
stupiT lying warmers  topic
Another leftist lie bites the dust  topic
Marines ease the passing of a child  topic
Another Bill Harry Reid won't allow on the floor.  topic
Prevent spying on you VIA your PC camera and mic  topic
scranton PA employees get min wage  topic
Anti-global warming SKEPTICS tend to be obnoxio...  topic
SCOTUS does not issue holding  topic
NYT says Romney softens stance on illegals  topic
Obama Bin Laden has Bamboozled us - again?  topic
The psycho-Left wants to repeal the First Amend...  topic
UNIONS LOSE ~!! Big time they lose  topic
Not the 20%  topic
Obama backed same-sex marriage, to head off the...  topic
Olberman suspended indefinitely  topic
Zimmerman: broken nose, 2 black eyes  topic
It's confusing how dishonest the left can be.  topic

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